Top 10 Free Video Players For Windows 10 PC

Top 10 Free Video Players For Windows 10 PC

I can understand you are confused among many free video players available for Windows platform. This post will help you to decide which video player would be more suitable for you. There is no doubt, newer media formats are getting introduced on a regular basis so it becomes important for any video media player to support most of the video formats.

Windows is the most used platform around the whole world and therefore there is a huge demand for video players for PC as the stock windows media player doesn’t supports much video formats so you can not rely completely on it to watch your favourite movies, TV shows and other videos. You can keep scrolling below to get a list including the download links for top 10 video players for Windows PC which have clutter free UI and are not only light weight but are full of features including online streaming.

Top 10 Video Players For Windows PC

    1. VLC Media Player

      VLC is the most popular name when it comes media players for almost any platform. It is a free and open-source media player which is available for different devices and platform created by the VideoLAN project. Not only video formats but VLC can also play almost any kind of audio formats including Mp3. It receives automatic regular updates which makes it ahead of any competition by keep on fixing bugs and improving features.

      The VLC player has many amazing features which include stream Youtube videos, capture video screenshot, add watermarks, subtitles sync and much more.




    2. 5KPlayer

      5KPlayer is a new style video player which provides new way to stream videos on Windows PC. It allows you to play video as well as audio file formats including MOV, Mp4, Mp3, AAC, etc. Along with playing video and audio it also lets you to stream video content from websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion and others. It has a clean user interface so that anyone can easily use it and play unlimited videos for free.

    3. PotPlayer

      PotPlayer was launched by a South Korean company named Kakao. Even in the touch competition, it somehow has managed to gain popularity due to its simplicity and many amazing features.  It offers you to apply filters and alter brightness, sharpness, noice, hue, noise reduction in any video. There is a possibility that you might not have heard about it before but I am sure once you will start using it, you will get addicted to it. PotPlayer is currently limited to Windows platform so if you are looking for a good change in media playing experience then you should consider this player for pc as well.


    4. KMPlayer

      KMPlayer is also known as K-Multimedia Player developed by Kang Young-Huee for Windows. It allows you to play a large number of video file formats. This video player provides a wide range of audio, video and subtitle formats and allows to capture audio, video and screenshots. The user of this video player can set many audio and video effects, slow down or increase playback speed, and also select parts of a video as favorites. It also has a quick menu tool which helps you to control it smoothly.


    5. ACG Player

      ACG Player is a universal media player for Windows 10 with lots of different features. It has inbuilt art font subtitle, super cool music visualisation art effects, audio/video effects and other effects. It is free, easy to use with good user interface which can be used for free without any function limitation. ACG player is also available in lightweight version so that anyone can easily use it on their windows PC with low memory. It also supports background music player, video preview with slider and swipe option.

      ACG Player

    6. Parma Video Player

      Parma video player is another cool video player for windows with the ability to find and list all movies and videos on your computer. It lets you to search and list existing movies and videos in folders and sub folders. It also supports for multi language movies with subtitle option. It also offers you an option to play the next movie after each movie playback. You can also control video speed by forward, backward pause, play and other features.

      Parma Video Player

    7. GOM Player

      GOM Player is a media player for Windows users, developed by the GOMlab. It has an unique feature as codec finder service which helps you to play some broken media files and find missing codecs. It can play most of the video file format as AVI, MKV, MP4, FLV, MOV, and others. Along with these it has other features as A-B repeat, media player capture, speed control, audio and video effects, screen capture, and others. You can easily use these features while playing media file using this multimedia player. GomLab also offers GOM Player plus which lets you to play 4k videos in best possible resolution smoothly without any pauses.

      GOM Player

    8. SMPlayer

      SMPlayer is free and open-source video player for windows which can be easily downloaded and installed on windows PC. It is easy to use with a good user interface with an interesting feature as remembers the settings of all files you play. Along with windows it is also available for Linux with built-in codecs which helps you to play Youtube videos, search and download subtitles. This video player is available in more than 30 languages with chrome cast support option. Along with these it has some advance features as video and audio filters, change of the playback speed, and others.


    9. DivX Player

      DivX Player is a free, easy to use video player software for windows. It helps you to easily play unlimited videos on your windows device. It lets you stream videos, music and photos to any DLNA compatible device in your home. Along with media player it can also be used as video converter and media server for windows and Mac users. Using this video player you will be able to play and stream your high-quality DivX videos including AVI, MP4, MKV, H.264 and HEVC. It has a cutting edge technology which helps you to easily convert videos in the most popular digital video formats.

      DivX Player

    10. Mpv

      Mpv is an open source, free and cross platform media player with basic playback controls, a seek bar, a subtitling tool and a full-screen button options. It runs on several operating systems, including the Unix-like variants Berkeley Software Distribution (BSD), Linux, and macOS. You can easily use this multimedia player on your respective device to stream unlimited videos for free. Mpv has an OpenGL based video output which provides unique features as video scaling with popular high quality algorithms, color management, frame timing, interpolation, HDR, and others.


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