Top 10 Romance Anime To Watch Online In 2018

Top 10 Romance Anime To Watch Online In 2018

Romance has always been one of the most demanding genre of Anime. In most of the cases, romance anime series are a combination of love, comedy and twists, which makes them even more addictive to watch. When I personally started watching romance anime series, I could not stop myself to watch more.

Most of the romantic anime are power packed with love, passion, devotion and adoration. I have personally watched many anime series along with streaming movies and based on my personal experience and internet reviews, I have shortlisted the list and in this article I would be listing top 10 romance anime that would make you fall in love all over again.

Top 10 Romance Anime To Watch In 2018

  1. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (My Little Monster)

    my little monster
    The story of this anime revolves around Shizuku Mizutani and Haru Yoshida, who are trouble maker. Shizuku only looks for good grades and has very bad relationship with other classmates. While on the other hand Haru gets into fight with other classmates and decides not to attend school that year. Over all they both seem to care very less about any kind of human relation and both of them are kind of introverts. The story takes a U turn when Haru confesses his feelings towards Shizuku. Since both of them had no friends they decided to be friends and start working on their studies. Slowly and gradually Shizuku  also develops feeling towards him and falls for him. What happens next you can find out by watch the movie.

  2. The World God Only Knows

    The World God Only Knows
    This is the anime series based on gamer. Here the character Keima Katsurag plays a dating game and prefers his game over his friends and classmates. One day a strange thing happens when he meets demon named Elsie. She tells him everything what to do to save girls. As the demon take the host body and are born as the offspring. Hence now he has to fill the gap in the girls heart so that they are not possessed by the demon and are safe from them. So through the anime series he swoon with countless girls and gets engaged in growing great relationships in the later seasons.

  3. Lovely★Complex

    lovely complex
    Lovely Complex is about two of the characters, Koizumi Risa and Ootani Atsushi finding love in their high school. They both crush on two different people. The most funny thing happens when both of their crush fall in love with each other. By seeing this both Koizumi and Ootani freel heart broken and they start getting frustrated. To add to this comical situation, they are laughed upon and humiliated by teachers and students due to the difference in their heights. Here Koizumi is 172 cm tall and Ootani is just 156 cm. Soon things take a U turn when they get to know more about each other and hence the start of their relationship takes place. For rest of the story please go ahead and watch this awesome romance anime.

  4. Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day

    Anohana is a story which revolves around friends who are classmates. Their love and bonding was immaculate. Suddenly one day a friend from the same group dies. Here the leader of the friends group Jinta Yadomi starts living a life seperately and decides not to attend the high school. Slowly slowly the group falls apart. Everyone get busy in their own lives and story moves. Later every one comes to know that Jinta hasn’t moved on from the death and blames himself for the death. One fine day the older looking ghost of Menma appears in front of him and tells him that she cannot go to the after life as her wishes are still not fulfilled. To find out what happens next, you need to watch this awesome love story.

  5. Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

    maid sama
    This is very interesting anime to watch. This is based on Misaki Ayuzawa who tries to make her school livable for girls reading there. To give you a background, Seika High was a total boys school and was recently converted to a co-ed school. Hence the girls were still in minority and the boys were not that good to the girls in the school. So at school, Misaki’s only aim was to make a perfect school for girls. Misaki also had a small secret, as she used to work as a maid at cafe. One fine day Takumi Usui, who is the most popular boy cam to cafe and saw her working there. So now what happens next and how they fall in love, you can watch this anime and enjoy this romance anime.

  6. Golden Time

    golden time
    This anime has Banri Tada and Kōko Kaga as the main characters. Banri is newly admitted male student at a private law school. Prior to this he fell from a bridge and lost all his memories of his home town friends and family. This was due to amnesia. Now he has taken on a new life where he is a student at a law school and has new friends and new life. Banri’s friend Mitsuo was friends with Kaga from past. But Mitsuo took admission to this law school just to be away from Kaga. In between Banri falls for Kaga and this is bit interesting as to what happens to the friendship between Nanri and Mitsuo and how the love betwwen Banri and Kaga shapes up.

  7. Kimi ni Todoke (From Me to You)

    Kimi ni Todoke
    I personally love this romance anime series from Japan. This story is about Sawako Kuronuma who has ominous appearance but is actually very sweet and kind in nature. She only wants that every one likes her, respects her and loves her as a friend. Hence she wants a normal life with no big demands. The main problem comes because of her appearance, because of which everyone teases her and laughs on her. One day a very famous boy of school starts talking to her and his name was Kazehaya, and this makes her world upside down and she starts loving her life. Every one starts to recognize her a good person and slowly love starts to flow in her life.

  8. My Love Story

    My Love Story
    This is just awesome anime romance piece. Here a fat tall and ugly guy Takeo Gōda finds love in Rinko Yamato girl. Takeo is a student in Shuei High School and easily scares every one with his physic and his voice. He himself does not want to do that but some how everyone is scared of him. He has many male friends because of such great personality and strength. The love story between Takeo and Rinko starts when he saves her from groper on a train and from then onward they become very good friends. hence slowly and steadily loves start to blossom between them and this story takes it shape nicely.

  9. Special A

    special A
    Special A is one of the better romance anime. This story is based on Hikari and her constant attempts to defeat her one and only rival, Kei. They both study in one of the most wealthy schools of the city. The main problem was an incident in which young Hikari challenged Kei to a wrestling match only to be thoroughly defeated by him. Since then it was her mission to defet Kei. Little did she know that Kei had feelings for her and she continues her mission. Slowly and gradually their love starts to take shape. What happens next is pretty intresting and you do not want to miss that, hence do not forget to watch this one.

  10. Hinamatsuri

    This is great romance anime series. This story has Hina and Yoshifumi Nitta as he main characters. This has a comedy involved as the girl Hina does not remember anything and only her name. She has come from future and was subjected to various experiments. She has been shown as a selfish and lazy girl. She does not do anything of her own as she is not from the present world. What are the funny sequences and her daily activities which will make you laugh and how she finds her love. To find out all these you need to watch it.

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