Top 10 Free Movie Download Sites To Download Movies In 2018

Top 10 Free Movie Download Sites To Download Movies In 2018

Most of the internet users around the world have one common interest which is downloading free movies. Watching movies during your free time will definitely let you you to kill time. Unfortunately, when you try finding genuine and legal websites to download free movies, most of the times you are greeted with sites which are good for nothing. This is the reason, there is a huge gap between right audience and a working movie download site.

It is highly recommended to stay aware while surfing web for movie sites as there are illegal sites as well which can harm your computer or mobile. We have made a collection of sites which lets you to download movies for free.  The list will get curated from time to time and you can also give your suggestions in the comment section.

Top 10 Free Legal Sites To Download Free Movies

  1. Youtube

    Youtube not only hosts entertaining videos but thousands of free movies as well. While exploring Youtube, you will find out there are many channels which regularly upload free movies in public domain. You can download those movies easily and watch them later during your spare time. The best thing about Youtube is even if you are not aware about any specific name of the Youtube channel then you can simply search for any full movie and you will get a list of relevant video list on Youtube.
    If you are want to watch any latest movie then most probably you won’t be able to find it for free on Youtube. However it is still recommended to stream movies on Youtube as its streaming technology is great and you would hardly find any lag.

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  2. The Internet Archive

    The internet Archive is one of the most under rated site to download movies. If in case you don’t know, The Internet Archive is a non profit online library which hosts tons of media content uploaded by users. Not only ebooks, but you will find movies of almost all genres which you can download for free. The only thing which you may not like is its user interface but that’s completely okay if it has much more to offer rather than UI.  You will find hundreds of thousands of safe torrent links to download movies of your choice.

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    the internet archive

  3. Sony Crackle

    It is a venture of Sony Pictures Limited. Its name is recently rebranded from Crackle. The site would ask you to login/signup before providing you with an access of movies. Once you will be logged in and create a wish list, you would shown movie suggestions based on your preference. The site is not only an awesome streaming platform but also lets you to download movies. The site offers free movies to download and in return it might show you few advertisements and that’s how the site survives.
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  4. Popcorn Flix

    Popcorn Flix is owned by Screen Media Ventures. The website is legal to use and offers thousands of movies to download for free. It also offers original content for free. The site provides a great user experience but supports advertisements. Not only movies, but you can also download free TV shows as well.  You can search movies at anytime and of alsmost any genre including action, drama, comedy, horror, etc.
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  5. Classic Cinema Online

    If you are a fan of Hollywood retro movies then you should check out this site. Classic Cinema Online is a legal site and can provide you with a great collection of old movies in almost all genres. The site may not be preferred by young generation but if you believe in “Old is Gold”, you can simply go on this site and check out its various sections including comedy, action, fiction, romance etc. The movies are free to download on this site.
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  6. Hulu

    Hulu is a legal site to download movies and also to stream TV shows. It is a joint venture of FOX, NBC and ABC.  The service will let you to download US based movies and TV shows. Hulu is a premium service but it also offers a free trial so you can enjoy downloading unlimited HD movies for free while being in free trial. Hulu is currently limited to US regions, so if you are not from US then you can use a VPN to access and enjoy movies on Hulu.
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  7. Public Domain Torrents

    Public Domain Torrents offers useful services for movie lovers like you. The site has a good collection of old movies. You can download any movie which you like in its collection. There are multiple genres available in menu which you can select before finding a movie to download. Genres include romance, action, thriller, comedy, etc. The site offers legal torrents which you may think is fishy but it’s not.
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    Public Domain Torrents

  8. Open Culture

    As its name suggests, the site mostly offers cultural and educational relevant videos but you will also find out free movies to download. The site was founded in 2006 and has a collection of more than thousand free movies which you can download. If you are fan of Charlie Chaplin, then you should consider checking out this site as its collection includes Charlie Chaplin movies along with Oscar winning movies as well.
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  9. MoviesFoundOnline

    This site offers you to download short movies, documentaries, animated movies, stand up comedy, viral videos along with movies. The site offers you to download movies by pulling them from third party servers available in public domain which makes it easier for you to find movies, TV shows and more to download, all at one place. The collection is regularly curated to provide a great user experience. The site is legal to use and if any copyright law is breached then the culprit movie title gets eliminated from the collection.
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  10. Vimeo

    Vimeo is also a video search engine just like Youtube. You can also find and download movies on Vimeo as well. You may not find all movies of your choice but it hosts many entertaining short movies. Vimeo not only lets you to download movies but also provides you with an option to upload movies and videos, but if you have a free account then you will have a 500 MB/week quota. However, premium account holders can upload and unlimited HD movies and other videos and share among the community.
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