Top 10 KissAnime Alternatives To Watch Free Anime Online

Top 10 KissAnime Alternatives To Watch Free Anime Online

Every anime lover should know the KissAnime alternatives among other list of anime sites. This is so because the cyber laws for each and every country are different. In some countries they have completely banned this awesome anime website.

This is the reason today I have decided to compile this list for you. The list below would consist of top KissAnime alternatives that you could use. These websites are being used by thousands of anime lovers in the place of KissAnime.

Top KissAnime Alternatives – Sites Like KissAnime

  1. 9Anime

    As far as the alternatives are concerned, I found 9Anime the perfect anime website. 9Anime is just as awesome as KissAnime in terms of content. The best part that I like about 9Anime is, you can watch anime anytime and download them as well. On the performance end, they also use a pretty top quality content deliver network as a result of which your video and movie will play seamlessly and without buffering on lagging. 9Anime has got one of the largest database of movies and more than 25,000 videos. The best part that I like about 9Anime is that if you do not find your favourite movie, you can write an email to them and they would upload the same for you.

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  2. Anime Lab

    Anime Lab has also been among the anime lovers. The main reason behind the popularity of anime lab is their consistency. The developers upload movies and series every day so that the latest movies and episodes are not missed by the subscribers. The awesome interface allows you to get all the details about the anime just by a simple move of the cursor. Hence in no time you would be able to know all the details about that particular series or a movie. By doing this you would be able to decide if that is of your interest or not. You can easily stream the movies and series on most of the devices including iOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, Apple TV and even Chromecast. They also have got free plan along with the subscription plans for premium members.
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  3. Anime Season

    Another great website in the field of anime is Anime Season. With awesome user interface and great content for every anime fan Anime Season is well known portal. The voting based uploading of anime makes this website one of the most loved anime website among the anime lovers. The series or movie that gets voted the most is uploaded in the most popular TV show category. They also have posted tons of anime content such as Alice of Zouroku, Hunter, and Hunter etc. The developers have also listed the categories like Full Series Listing, Most Recent Series, Highest Rated Series. The voting system that they have keeps the awesome content available on top for every one while other anime content could be easily found using the search option.
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    Anime Season

  4. Crunchyroll

    Crunchyroll is one of the widely used used anime website after KissAnime in terms of user traffic. Hence one could easily say that this is the best alternative to KissAnime . The best part about this website is that the developers have provided the multiple language support. Any one from all over the world could easily enjoy the anime in their own language. Crunchyroll is just not limited to watching anime, it also provides user forum, discussion and debate place to its users. Hence you can consider them as a online world full of anime. The categories that are used by developers are most popular category, most watched category to sort the anime out.
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  5. GoGo Anime

    This is another website that is consider one of the best KissAnime alternative. The main aim of this website is to provide awesome anime content to its users. They have got most number web series and anime videos to serve the users. The developers have also provided the user commenting system. All the users could interact with each others using comment system and hence could share their favorite anime and their favorite series. With one of the largest database of anime this is perfect example of anime world. Gogo Anime boasts categories like Anime List, New Series, Movies and Watch cartoon etc.

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  6. NicoNico

    Nico is the website which provides anime online content since 2013 for free. Let me acknowledge the fact that they do not have any advertisement on their website. The user interface is just awesome and simple at the same time. All the users just love the anime content provided here. The website is easy to use and not at all heavy on your device. The first few series that were uploaded on the website were Sword Art Online, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, The Prince of Tennis etc. The videos could be adjusted according to your preference and finding a video is not at all hard on this website. Niconico is moderately famous website with all the high quality content.

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    Masterani has been famous for its high quality and consistent anime videos and series. It has got plain and simple user interface which is very user friendly. As far as the video quality is concerned, it has maintained the standards. Anime lover you should be aware of multiple KissAnime alternatives. The cyber law of any country could change anytime and due to that some of these might be banned in your country. Hence Masterani could be the one website that you could logon to. I have personally watched hundreds of hours of anime over here. Personally I found it as a top quality website.
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  8. Chia Anime

    You can enjoy the fast live streaming anime on Chia anime. This is the website that can provide you with the quality videos for absolutely free. They literally have thousands of streaming anime on their website. The user experience on their website is top class. They have made it very easy for a simple user to search for his favorite anime. There is a alphabetic bar that has all the anime listed according to the letters. They also list the latest and the hottest anime currently on their website. They have huge database of Manga list, anime sound tracks, Asian drama anime mobile etc. I have personally tried this website and enjoyed its quality service.
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    chia anime

  9. Anime Freak

    Anime Freak is the only website that is not banned any where. Hence I would consider this as your got to anime website. As I have listed all the best of the KissAnime alternatives, how could have I missed Anime freak. It has got latest anime list, A-Z anime list, hottest anime, anime list according to genre etc. With their huge database they have been one of the most popular anime streaming destination. When ever you are not able to find any anime series, you should always turn to Anime Freak and they will never let you down. This is the reason I personally love this website. They have also got free English dubbed anime. For those series who are not dubbed in English, there is a subtitle present for each of them.
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    anime freak

  10. Good Anime

    Good Anime is quite new website in this field of anime streaming. They have provided a very basic an clean layout for their users. The best part is, they also have apps available in the app store for both android and iOS. The website does not have much complications. All the anime are listed in the alphabetical order. As a user you do not have to look for anything apart from going to that particular alphabet and looking for your favorite anime. The data base of Good Anime website is moderate but they keep on adding new anime series and anime videos for better user experience. This website would be best for those users who are looking for saving the data. As the user interface is very clean without much advertisements it is easy to search and easy to use website.
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