Top 10 Free Movie Streaming Websites To Watch Movies Online

Top 10 Free Movie Streaming Websites To Watch Movies Online

Its no doubt watching movies is fun but do you also believe going to theatres each time is a waste of money ? If this is the case, then free movie streaming sites could be a more suitable option for you which will let you to watch free movies online. Streaming movies online will save a lot of your time, efforts and money. You must be already aware about Netflix, but I have decided to avoid it adding into this list of free movie sites as I am gonna list down sites which will let you to stream free movies online, however, Netflix is a premium service.

There are hundreds of free movie websites available on the internet but most of them are fake and can harm your device by injecting malware as well, therefore it is highly recommended to use only legal streaming services whether they are free or paid. Since the time internet has become a common requirement of each household, people have started preferring to watch movies and their favourite TV shows online.

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Top 10 Best Free Movie Websites To Watch FrackMan Movie Online

  1. YouTube

    you tube

    Its no doubt, whenever anything related with videos or movies comes in mind then Youtube is the first thought. Youtube has the largest collection of videos on the internet and you will also find hundreds of free movies uploaded by users on Youtube. Before getting started with streaming you can check comments below the video to find out if the full movie uploaded is legit and not just a clickbait title. I guarantee you will love the streaming experience on Youtube as it is intelligent enough to automatically adjust the video quality based on your internet speed.

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  2. Popcorn Flix

    Popcorn Flix features as one of the top websites for streaming because it is easy to use and there is no signup required. All you need to do is to visit the website and search for the movie that you want to play and click on the play button. This website has made movie streaming as simple as that. The website is developed by Screen Media Ventures. It could be used on any device that supports internet connection and a web browser. As a result I can say that it is accessible on pretty much any device.
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  3. Sony Crackle

    Sony Crackle is legal streaming platform offered by Sony Pictures Limited. You can find a lot of free movies and series on this site. It requires you to create a new account before watching any movie. The site supports advertisements so that they can deliver the free content. This site was previously known as Crackle but since January 14, 2018 it is officially renamed to Sony Crackle. The content is offered in three languages including English, Spanish and Portuguese and the site is available in 21 countries for now. They also offer mobile apps for android and iOS which will let you to stream free movies right from your smartphone.

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  4. Hulu

    Hulu has been one of the most trusted movie streaming websites since its release. It was one of the first portals which started providing streaming movies online. Hulu was started as a combined venture of FOX, NBC and ABC. There is huge collection of movies available on Hulu. It includes almost all genres like action, romance, thriller, Drama, etc. The only limitation is the service is free only for one month and then you need to purchase a monthly subscription plan. I have included it in the list as I am sure you will really enjoy your free Hulu trial as almost all movies are available in HD quality with hardly any advertisements. They also notify their users of new releases and about the movies which are about to release. The users of this one are mostly from US and hence they mostly have movies and shows from US.

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  5. Tubi Tv

    With one of the most stunning user interface, Tubi tv is another example of streaming website that could be used on the go. When you use Tubi Tv you get to experience amazing movies and TV shows for free. There is absolutely no need of any payment, credit card or debit cards. All they promise is hours and hours of streaming movies in  high quality which is loved by every one. I have personally used the service and absolutely fell in love with it. You can use it any where like on your android, iOS devices. It is selectively available on Apple Tv, some smart Tvs and Roku as well. You can use the link below and start using it and let us know in the comments section, how you liked them.
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  6. Snag Films

    snag films
    As the name goes, they are all about films. They are absolutely gem of service providers. They have very simple yet awesome design on their portal. Any one can use the website without any issues. With Snag Films, there is absolutely no need to signup or login. You can directly go to their website search for your favorite move and click on the play button and you would be available for the awesome ride of movie streaming on your device. I just loved the easiness to which they have managed such huge database of movies. This is truly amazing.
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  7. Viewster

    On viewster you would be able to get content in the form of movies from all across the globe for absolutely free. They also have included anime, Korean Tv series and Brit as well. With some of the classic movies like The Legend, Sherlock Holmes , Titanic etc , the quality of stuff here is just awesome. Viewster also includes movies from all across the globe. From french to Spanish and from Russian to German they have included movies from all over the world. Hence people enjoy the services of viewster from all over the world.
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  8. FMovies

    Another great search engine for movies. When I say that this is search engine, I literally mean it. It has included almost all movies that are released. They will also include the movies that are still being presented in the theater. That is the reason I am pretty impressed with the services provided by them. This is absolutely free to use portal and have largest database of movies with all the genre included. It is as easy to use as google. There is absolute no complications that you may face while using F Movies website. I just love them and the service that they provide.

  9. Go Movies

    go movies
    Go Movies also has a great collection just like Fmovies. The site also includes a huge collection of TV Series. Apart from great movie content they also regularly curate their list of TV Series. You may find it a little hard to search for movies due to advertisements but it can be ignored as mostly you will get any movie which you are looking for. The site is already popular among the young generations and internet users due to its awesome collection of movies.

  10. Hotstar

    Hotstar is owned by Star ventures. This is mainly popular among Indian audience but you will find a lot of international movies and TV shows as well. It includes content in English, Hindi and other local Indian languages. It not only has a wide range of movies and TV series, but also offers live cricket telecasts and highlights. They also have an app that could be used on android and iOS to stream free movies. They also include some of the most famous TV series which includes The Game Of Thrones as well. Hence I can say that this app is pretty much up to date with the latest trends. The only drawback you will find in Hotstar as they put the most popular movies in their premium section, otherwise Hotstar is a genuine and clean platform to stream free movies online.
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