Top 10 Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

Top 10 Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

The thrill of watching Akame Ga Kill and its jam packed actions are just amazing. I know, since you have watched the full series of Anime Ga Kill, you might be craving for similar fun and action packed Ninja sequences. Hence this article is just for you, here I have mentioned best anime like Akame Ga Kill.

You would be amazed to find that there are many anime series which have similar breath taking action seen. With the combination of awesome story. You also can use some of the free websites to download anime. You also can watch some of the anime listed below on on Netflix or Amazon Prime or Hulu.

Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

Top 10 Anime Like Akame Ga Kill

  1. Code Breaker

    Code Breaker is about Sakura Sakurakōji. One day when he was riding on bus, he saw people being burnt just outside his window. Next day when she goes back, she discovers that there is not a single clue of crime. She then discovers that the person was Oogami Rei who was a transferred student. Hence she starts to find out about the people who did this criminal offense. Then she comes to know about the organization or a group of Code:Breakers. There philosophy is very dangerous. They always believed in “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!”. Later she finds out that the main aim of the Code Breakers is to bring justice to the world by removing injustice and in the process, cleaning the world.

  2. Fullmetal Alchemist:Brotherhood

    fullmetal alchemist
    Another series with awesome actions if Fullmetal Alchemist. This is the story of the two brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric. These brothers are raised by their mother. As their mother had some illness, she died soon. Now the responsibility of the two brothers was taken up by Winry Rockbell and her grandmother Pinako. The two brothers then decide to travel the world and in the process they wanted to improve and learn new alchemic skills. Once they returned to homes they decided to bring back their mother to life. Which is close to impossible. Hence they try and you can watch for the rest of suspense and drama.

  3. Attack on Titan

    One of the best anime that involves action and awesome traumatized characters. The story here revolves around Eren Yeager. He gets very disturbed when his mother dies. Being in such a mental state he becomes very soft target of negative energies. Hence he lands into hands of Titan. Titan is a huge human type of character with hunger of human blood and flush. His only aim is to clean the mother earth of human and their existence. Somehow Eren tries to hunt Titan inroder to save mother earth. Hence you can witness the jam packed actions just by watching this amazing anime.

  4. Bleach

    Bleach is based on Kubo’s manga. It also has several different stories as well. When you will start watching Bleach, you will find out that it has similar story line as Akame Ga Kill. The characters in both the series try to save their relatives, but later their deeds take them to serving masses. Both the anime has awesome story line and great action involved. bleach is the story of 15-year-old high school student Ichigo Kurosaki. There is an evil character who tries to destroy the whole humanity, Jin Kariya. Jin and Ichigo fight at the end. In between there are other story line involved and these only make the anime more interesting.

  5. Tokyo Ghoul

    If you are interested in dark fantasy manga series based anime, then Tokyo Ghoul is just for you. The story revolves around Ken Kaneki who is a college going student. One day, a life changing event occurs in his life as he clashes with Rize Kamishiro who tells him that she is a Ghoul. Post the clash, Ken is taken to the hospital where is undergoes surgery and then some body parts of Rize are transferred to Ken, and now he also becomes a half Ghoul. Now he comes to know that he must eat human flesh to survive and it is the hardest part for him to live. One more character helps Ken with his new life and teaches him to survive in life as a Ghoul, and his name is Anteiku. This is pretty interesting anime if you like dark and dirty secret world.

  6. Kill la Kill

    kill la kill
    As the name goes Kill La Kill, this anime is based on purely killings. The story revolves around a school girl who is in the search of her father’s killer. Ryuko studies in Honnouji Academy, a school in Tokyo Bay Japan. In school itself she goes into battel with Takaharu Fukuroda and she get defeated easily. Once she found a great uniform of battle which is made up of completely made of Life Fibers, she is able to compete. As far as her father’s killers are concerned, she has only one clue “scissor-like blade”. Back in the school she decides to challenge the authority of the authority of Satsuki and the elite four. He wanted to take help from her new uniform. She later finds out a secret about the school owner. To find out about that, you need to watch this amazing anime.

  7. Terror in Resonance

    This anime is all about the Tokyo. It is also known as Terror in Tokyo. Terror in Resonance shows as if Tokyo is under attack and it has been devastated by the evil people. The main point of worry if that, no one is able to find who actually attacked Tokyo. Hence the government starts operation to find the real culprits. All they were able to find was a cryptic video uploaded to the Internet. This video tries to manipulate the situation and tries to spread a sense of fear in people of Tokyo. At last the government was able to find the actual terror group who was responsible for this attack. This group recognizes themselves as Sphinx. This is an awesome anime if you are a fan of investigative type of situations. The most surprising part about this anime is, here the terrorists are two teenage boys, hence it makes more interesting to watch.

  8. Code Geass

    code of geass
    Code Geass is pretty interesting anime series which shows that one country has taken over another country and it is the ruling the later one. Britannia has taken over Japan and it has been named as Area 11. The main part in this conquer was played by the two of the newest weapons Britannia has, namely Autonomous Armored Knight and Knightmare Frame. There has been no rights granted to the people of Area 11 and they have no rights and freedom. The main characters include Lelouch and Nunnally and a girl C.C who saves Lelouch from the guards of Britannia. Lelouch was soon provided the power of Geass through the contract with the Royal Britannia Guard. Hence, now he can command anyone and ask them to do whatever he wants them to do. Using this power Lelouch decides to find his mother’s murderer and also to destroy the Britannia’s Empire.

  9. Samurai Champloo

    Japan’s Edo period has been very well picturised in this anime series. As the name says it all, This series is all about Samurai and how do they live life and fight. It shows a blend of both, modern and old era that Japan had over the years. The story begins when a young woman is attacked by a band of Samurai and she is saved by mysterious rogue named Mugen and a young rōnin named Jin. The most confusing part is, soon they start to fight between them selves over some petty matter. Unknowingly between the fight itself, they become the cause of death of Shibui Tomonoshina, the magistrate’s son. Soon they were to be executed, but somehow they escape with the help of a girl and she in return asks them to travel with her.

  10. Guilty Crown

    guilty crown
    Guilty Crown is a great anime which is about a boy called Ouma Shu. Ouma is 17 years old and by mistake or accident, he has received a power that is rare and very dangerous. He received this power because of a biological tragedy that happened in the city. This tragedy was called as Apocalypse Virus. Hence this story totally deals with how he handles this power and how he lives his life with it. He also get involved romantically with a girl named Inori and he also joins an organization Funeral Parlor. You can watch this anime, how these two play their parts and what happens next in their life and how Japan is liberated.

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