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Fracking - Kids just get it.


Yesterday we shared the story of the kids across Australia who're taking up the Frackman's fight to protect our land, communities and water from fracking and unconventional gas.

One of these kids is Ben (10), from Albany, who was so inspired after watching Frackman that he wrote a speech which he delivered in his school playground.

“Fracking will make people sick and the ground won’t be able to stay strong and hold everything on top of the earth after all the bedrock is shifted” he explained.

Ben's mum Kymberly said she was “enormously proud”. We would be too!

Dayne (the Frackman) was also excited to hear about Ben's speech. "It makes me proud. On so many levels, this kid just gets it."

Here's Ben's speech, and a drawing he did of the Frackman.

Join us to learn how you can take action, and when Frackman comes to DVD and digital download.


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