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Frack Kids on the Frontline

We are so excited to see kids across Australia dressing up as Frackman. Especially since 12 year old Perth schoolgirl Claire Hickey was banned from wearing her Frackman costume to Book Week at Subiaco Primary School last week.

Gloucester siblings Aiden (11), Elise (10), Lucas (9) and Jake (8) donned their Frackman suits on Wednesday for a protest celebrating 100 weeks of community resistance to AGL’s Gloucester CSG operations. Previously, they had worn their Frackman costumes to lead a June protest march in Gloucester.

“We dressed as the Frackman because we wanted to show we are against the Gas. It poisons our river and hurts our community. It is breaking up friendships. We don’t want the gas in Gloucester”, Aiden said.

Their mother Nicky told us, “There is nothing more rewarding than hearing your children use their voice, watching them grow with confidence, and having a blast while doing it. They called the march, ‘the best day ever’.”

The kids added their personal touch to the white disposable workers’ overalls worn in the film, writing “Future Vet”, “Future Soldier” and “Future Engineer” on the back. But Aiden is now refurbishing his suit to read “Future Politician”, saying he hopes to get there “in ten years”.

Dayne (The Frackman) is delighted to hear about the “Frack Kids” taking on the cause. “It makes me proud, this was what I was hoping for. The whole point of the suit was that anyone could wear it, anyone can be The Frackman. At the end of the film, I say, ‘this is my story, what happens next is up to you.’ These kids took that and ran with it. On so many levels, these kids get it.”


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