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Alan talks to the Queensland farmer about the impact of coal seam gas mining

Joe Hill on 2GB

Joe appeared on the Alan Jones Breakfast Show 14 May ~ LISTEN TO THE SEGMENT


Farmers have been allowed to run rough-shod over landholders, with more than 5,000 production wells now operating across Queensland.

One of these farmers is Joe Hill. A 70-something farmer from Columboola west of the Darling Downs town of Chinchilla. He runs a beautiful Angus cattle breeding property and has always opposed attempts by coal seam gas companies to come onto his property to explore for gas, produce it or put pipelines across it. In fact, Joe has very staunchly “locked his gate” and tells anyone from the companies who are silly enough to try to enter his property to “push off.” Joe’s main concern has always been that water from CSG operations might cause contamination in the beef he produces. One can only imagine his horror, then, when a recent heavy downpour caused an overflow from a holding pond on a neighbour’s property to push polluted CSG water to flood across his property, filling the melon holes on his rich, black, brigalow soil and his dam.
What has happened to Joe is merely one of an increasing number of serious incidents occurring across the western Darling Downs wherever CSG companies are active. In nearby Hopeland, 10 kilometres south of Chinchilla, officers from the Queensland department of Environment and Heritage Protection recently found high levels of carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide and hydrogen in the rich, alluvial soils and immediately set up a 15 kilometre radius exclusion zone where farmers were strongly advised to refrain from any excavation.


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