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Letters: Mayor and Councillors snub Gympie Frackman screening

Letters: MONDAY night I attended the Gympie screening of the film Frackman.

The Cooloola Community Action group, formed because of concern about the multitude of coal and CSG mining leases in this region, organised this screening by canvassing concerned locals. They ended up selling out the Gympie Cinema.

The film showed how farmland and water resources are completely ruined by these types of mining, due to the overuse of water and the introduction of toxic chemicals to the landscape. The CCA invited the Mayor and councillors to attend. They did not receive the courtesy of a reply, much less attendance at this important event.

This is a sad indictment of the Gympie Regional Council, as the film was very educative, and an ominous warning against apathy.
It illustrated the importance of stopping large foreign-owned companies, such as Halliburton, from signing up farmers to contracts that can ruin local farmland and ruin the health and welfare of people in these mining districts.

Frackman is being screened throughout Australia through crowd funding. Hopefully all Australians will eventually see this important film.
Many thanks to Bronwyn Marsh and Nari Lindsay of CCA for this initiative.

Joy Ringrose,


Letter as appeared in Gympie Times

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