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Frackman doco coming to Wagga

THE Frackman is making his way to Wagga.

Frackman is a documentary style film about one landholder’s struggles against coal seam gas (CSG) mining in rural Queensland.
The focus is on Dayne Pratzky who describes himself as an accidental activist fighting international gas companies. The movie, which was not originally slated for release in Wagga, has come to the city thanks to a grassroots campaign started by resident Belinda Franks.
Ms Franks said after seeing the trailer she had to find a way to see the entire movie and contacted the film’s distributors.

“Once you see the trailer, you’re kind of hooked,” she said. “Wagga always seems to miss out on other things around the state … Frackman has sold out (screenings) in Sydney.”

It will be screened on Monday at 6.30pm at Forum 6.

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