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Movie targets gas boom

IPSWICH may not be on the radar of the major coal seam gas companies but that doesn't mean mining does not affect the city and its people.
According to Dayne Pratzky, star of Frackman the Movie, the coal seem gas issue has implications for the future of every Australian.
Mr Pratzky was living at Tara when his battle with the major coal seam gas companies began about six years ago.
The film, which will be screened in Ipswich in May, follows his protest against the industrialisation of residential and rural Queensland and the negative effect gas extraction is having on the natural environment, livestock and people."There were so many things that I noticed happening in my community," Mr Pratzky said.
"There was a social splitting - people who were long-time friends were broken up because they were either for or against it.
"Kids were getting sick, animals were ill and farmers were losing water. My property lost 35% of its value. Farmers were destabilised because they couldn't plan for the future - there was that constant doubt as to whether their farm would be next."
Frackman tells the story of Mr Pratzky's struggle against international gas companies, including QGC - a subsidiary of British Gas.His protest has extended across the nation and overseas, as Australia is set to become the world's biggest gas exporter.
"I want the film to encourage Ipswich people to educate themselves about what is happening to Australia," Mr Pratzky said.
"We are moving to a time in this country's history where we are risking our future.

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