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The Frackman’s how to vote card

Story by Chris Dobney

Dayne Pratzky first toured the northern rivers with a film in 2010. That film was Gasland – and it effectively woke up our region to the threat of CSG.

The self-described ‘blockie from Tara’ and ‘world’s most unlikely activist’ is back, this time with a film about his own struggles against CSG miners in Queensland. Frackman, the remarkable tale of what Dayne has been up to in the intervening years, has sold out at almost every showing, including four in the northern rivers – with two more now scheduled.

And while many such outings – like last night’s screening and Q&A at Pighouse Flicks – provide great emotional reinforcement for the converted, Dayne says there are plenty of CSG sceptics who come along only to leave the cinema completely won over.

The movie, which remarkably obtained funding from the Queensland and federal film funding bodies, shows Dayne’s mounting concern for friends’ families living in the Tara gasfield and his increasingly desperate actions to halt the advance of the companies.

In one startling scene, Dayne breaks into a Haliburton compound to strap a tracking device onto a vehicle. In others, he risks his own health to obtain air and water samples from CSG wells.
But the film also traces his emotional highs and lows and his emerging online romance with Wendy, a fellow CSG activist from Pittsburgh, USA.
For those who don’t have the opportunity to get out to see the film, it is briefly available (for the next three days only) for download at the Frackman website.

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