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Frackman film follows 'fracking' activist

Story by Declan Bush

The film depicts pig shooter-turned-activist Dayne Pratzsky's five-year fight against the multibillion-dollar coal-seam gas "fracking" industry.

Fracking refers to hydraulic fracturing, where trapped gas is mined with a high-pressure mixture of sand, water and chemicals - a practice many activists fear could lead to wholesale contamination of groundwater supplies. Todd said the film's world premiere would be at the Byron Bay Film Festival on March 7, just ahead of the NSW State election.

He said the filmmakers would tour country towns along the east coast before planned WA screenings and would carry the anti-fracking message to voters.

"Broome, Perth and Margaret River are definitely on the list," he said.

Todd said Queensland's fracking debate had made other States more cautious about allowing the practice.

"It's a good time to open up the debate," he said.

"NSW looks like they are trying to go a little bit slower. They don't want to go down the same path as Queensland."

Todd said his team was surprised at gas export approvals in Queensland.


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