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Supreme Court decides on Metgasco licence

After thousands blockaded at Bentley in protest against coal seam gas activities by the company Metgasco.Sad news today, as the NSW Supreme Court made a ruling that will see coal seam gas mining resume in the Northern Rivers.

After thousands blockaded at Bentley in protest against coal seam gas activities by the company Metgasco, the NSW government suspended the licence. But Metgasco
challenged the NSW government in court, and this morning the court ruled in their favour. Drilling at Bentley will resume almost immediately. 

Is it fair that a multinational company can challenge the government for listening to the concerns of the community?

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de alterator - 24 Apr 15
Utter disgrace!!!!!!!!!!!!!
adaja Black - 24 Apr 15
This is discgusting behaviour. Expect to be shut down! the people here care about their land and we will drive you out. I'm not afraid of a few imbeciles and their big machinery. FRACK OFF
Tracie Bleines - 24 Apr 15
Leigh Evans - 24 Apr 15
I am quite disgusted by this ruling. When does this Government and the Judicial System start working for and protecting the citizens of this country that pay their bills?

We are forced to participate in a system gone mad. A system designed to protect the wealthy, the corrupt, the profit and the scum that think they know what is best for us.

When do we get people into positions of authority who are not for sale?

When does the sovereign right of the people of a country start to come BEFORE the interests of Big Business?

When do the people of Australia and the rest of the World wake up to the fact that they are part of a huge ponzie scheme that is ripping them blind?
Dean Staples - 24 Apr 15
Yet another example of Big Business being placed before the community
Just shows Justice is simply paid for not earned
Annette - 24 Apr 15
Drilling at Bentley will NOT resume almost immediately, because people power will stop it as it did before. NVDA is the only sure way that we can secure our children's future, so go to it.
What? You would fry, starve and be poisoned before risking a criminal record? Then go and bury your head in the sand, because if you don't stand up for what is right, you don't deserve a future. We are not criminals, we are the conscientious objectors who will drive these corporate terrorists.
Wendy Parker - 25 Apr 15
Of course it is no fair and while the Government of both sides do shonky deals with multinationals we the people will inevitably suffer for their shortsightedness and greed. Back renewables unlike the government every other country is why are we being so 1950's in regard to this issue could it be that the Government has got itself in a sticky position being too close to the mining industries generally and of course while the mining industries can rip apart the environment and reap huge pofits they also are being short sighted by not investing in the future industries. A call to mining companies to keep operating ethically but ensure new industries prosper those who do will get support those who don't and keep being greedy don't deserve any support.
barleysinger - 25 Apr 15
This is obscene. But then courts and politicians tend to exist to help the wealthy stay that way. Meanwhile, the health concerns are very real, as are those of EXTREMELY long term aquifer pollution (centuries of polluted ground water).

What exactly DOES a 5 generation farmer do with land that nobody will buy? Land that can't grow food and no stock can stay alive on? All so a big company can get less than 10 years of profits.
Just because they scraped into power by changing the electrol boundaries - this does not mean that they have a mandate to allow coal seam gas fracking in the Northern Rivers region to commence in view of the fact that between 87% and 97% of those living in the region are against it. Democracy is dead in the water and we have miners bankrolling political parties during elections so that they get their way. I am appalled that they could turn their backs on the science that says that it risky and dangerous to our ground water supplies.

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