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Marie Bashir lashes out at loss of farmland for mining

FORMER NSW governor Dame Marie Bashir says the destruction of Australian farmland for mining is a "crisis" that must stop, adding: "I have never been so emphatic or political in my life."

It is believed to be the first time Dame Marie has spoken out strongly against mining after 13 years in the traditionally non-political role of NSW governor. The beloved Dame, who retired late last year, also said her fears about foreign ownership of Australian land brought out her "nasty side".

Addressing a crowd of women at an International Women's Day event in Sydney on Sunday, Dame Marie said Australia was in the incredible position of being able to "help to feed the world".
"And of course, what is the counter to that? Digging up precious farmland for coal … we're expected to be leaving the burning of fossil fuels behind because of the environment. This is surely contradictory," she said.

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Karis - 13 Mar 15
Though coal mining is the worst for climate change the frenzy to dig up everything is not ocnfined to coal or gas. It is all at the cost of the taxpayer, who has to clean up the desolation left behind (if it is ever cleaned up ). The profits go overseas or to the CEOs. A few jobs are created, even many in some cases, but at what expense for everyone else who has to live with dirty or toxic air ,water and soil, dead animals and plants and often sick humans? Mines are approved in the middle of national parks, near head waters, rivers and lakes , anywhere. The whole country is part turning into moonsscapes to satisfy the greed of a few. Maybe we will just have to accept a lower standard of living while saving our farmland and our water.

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