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Frackman on the big screen

FrackmanBy Marco Magasic

SINCE a coal seam gas mining company took over his land at Tara, Queensland, farmer Dayne Partzky has been campaigning to get them off again, and warn the rest of Australia of CSG mining's consequences.

Mr Partzky stars in a movie, Frackman, about his personal struggle, which is on tonight at the Saraton Theatre, Grafton.

"The movie gives you a personal insight into what happens when the CSG industry lands on your doorstop," he said.

"At first I supported CSG mining but I was blinded by their rhetoric.

"I thought I was going to do well financially, but I didn't."

He said Frackman was very personal.

"It's a personal story so I'm not comfortable with it," Mr Partzky said.

"I've seen it once and I'll never see it again, it brings back too many memories.

"That's just my story. There are thousands of other families that have the same problem that are not having a film made about them."

Mr Partzky has since moved to Forster, but said he still did not feel safe from the affects of CSG mining.

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