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Anti-coal seam gas film Frackman tours New South Wales

FrackmanBy Samantha Turnbull

A former construction worker, logger and pig hunter has become an unlikely superhero to supporters of the anti-coal seam gas movement.

Dayne Pratzky is the star of Frackman - a film touring New South Wales ahead of the State election with the aim of creating awareness of the alleged threats of coal seam gas to water, land and human health. "I used to work in Sydney building the Lane Cove tunnel, and before that I was cutting down trees in Mudgee and over the years I've also been a kangaroo harvester and pig shooter," Pratzky said. "So to say I was a 'greenie' or environmentalist would be a mistake." Pratzky became an 'accidental activist' when he bought a property in Western Queensland's Tara where a gas exploration company wanted to drill wells. "They demanded access to my land, which I refused," Pratzky said.

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