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Controversy over Frackman’s funding

FrackmanMining Australia and the Courier Mail have taken note of Frackman’s public funding, highlighting what they see as a contradiction between the pro coal seam gas attitudes of Queensland and Western Australia’s state governments and the funding that the film has received from Screen Australia, Screen Queensland, and Screen West.

Screen Australia contributed around $200,000 to the film, Screen Queensland a further $200,000, and Screen West $156,000.

Co-producer Trish Lake, from Freshwater Pictures, said the government funding was an issue of free speech.

‘It could not be more obvious that freedom of speech is why we (film makers) exist and why there’s such a huge outpouring of concern because there are people who don’t want to see that sort of freedom,’ she said.

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mark schrauwen - 22 Feb 15
a movement like this needs to be started in america

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