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AGL’s coal seam gas operations in Gloucester Valley suspended

BTEX chemicals, some of the more dangerous chemicals used in coal seam gas drilling and fracking, have been banned in New South Wales since 2012. So when they were detected in flowback water samples at gas fields in Gloucester, operators AGL were in trouble.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that AGL’s activities in the region have been suspended by Energy Minister Anthony Roberts, pending an investigation by the Environmental Protection Authority. The company has stated that these chemicals were not used in their fracking process, as per regulations, and that they were most likely naturally present in the coal seams. BTEX chemicals are Benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylenes. AGL voluntarily suspended its operations ahead of official notice, ‘in the interests of acting prudently.’

However, AGL has come under fire for not disclosing information about the presence of these chemicals sooner, as it has been aware of them since January 15. A spokesperson for the EPA has said, ‘the EPA is very concerned at AGL’s lack of timeliness and transparency in informing us of these results and we will be conducting a full investigation.’

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Kelly - 01 Mar 15
I am disgusted to think that the government can allow this type activity to occur and destroy people homes, families, their land and most importantly their health and not even give two hoots about it all inn the name of money, i have just found out that the company that i use for my gas is one of the main culprits and am disgusted that i pay them money and that they them use this money to do this hard working Australian families, i won't be a part of helping destroy this beautiful country of ours

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